Discipleship Groups

What is a Discipleship Group (D-Group)? It’s a group of believers who gather each week to discuss their scripture reading, memorize scripture, and encourage one another as they grow in their relationship with Jesus.  A D-Group is, by design, closed to a handful of people. A person joins the group by invitation only. The recommend size is 3-5 people (including the leader). The group is at least a 12 month commitment. 

A D-Group typically meets for an hour once a week. Most of our groups meet on Sunday night from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm, but we do have some  groups that meet at different times during the week. Those who have been through a group already are challenged to launch out and invite people to then join their group at the end of their year commitment.

We have done this for four years at FBC and have seen God grow people deeply in their faith. For more information about D-Groups, please contact Bobby Pletcher

 F260 New Testament Reading Plan